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No Longer Human

No Longer Human - Osamu Dazai, Donald Keene touchstone of J-lit, 人間失格 is the "i'm going out of my mind" scream! of the flip-side of the Japanese-identity-exploration question of modernist Japanese writers. compared to the purveyor and surveyor of erotic obsession, Tanizaki; the 'tea ceremony and mountain geisha' specialist Kawabata; the militarist and aristocracy-examiner Mishima, Dazai is the middle-class "voice of neuroticism-cum-total decadence/hopelessness" that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as the Japanese economic miracle has quietly deflated...and indeed, spirals down to nothing.

pop trivia: if you want the possibility of instant rapport with J-lit specialists, reference this book rather than green-tea-and-onsens Kawabata.

人間失格 or "disqualified from human" is the voice of a writer who knows he's doomed; spirals down that doom; and just when things get worst, get even worse. for this reasons, will this book survive five hundred years? possibly