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Vapor: A Novel

Vapor: A Novel - Amanda Filipacchi as per the entry above/back cover description, this is a "captive love" book, where the guy keeps the girl captive, at least with some sort of twist-- he's a cloud scientist and uses his magical realism technique in a variation of the Pygmalion myth; variant of other "captive love-slave" stories.

at worst, the book is a sort of extended unattractive girl's fantasy; "what if a guy kept me captive so that I could lose some weight!". at best, Filipacchi has a pert new Yorker's sense of prose; I think she grew up in europe or whatnot, so it isn't total uneducated variant, but a bright young european girl's twists added to the story per se.

Filipacchi seems to delight in creating unattractive protagonists. Nude Men had a very physically unattractive male narrator. is this her personal take on things or a form of european dissection of american sex appeal?

not extraordinary, but readable. would consider other Filipacchi works. Nude Men was a little better.