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John - Cynthia Lennon, Julian Lennon more notes than a formal review:

I guess read-order will always influence our reviews. if I were stuck on a desert island or if had first come across this memoir about Lennon without having first read the riveting Norman biography, I probably would be inclined more favorably. as it is, Cynthia Lennon's take is a bit weaker researched, a bit more self-indulgent, a bit truncated in scope (naturally, since the two divorced by 1969).

flip side:

had I read this book ten years ago, as a freshly minted fine arts major, I would have immediately taken Yoko Ono's side, as the avant-garde conceptualist artist, as opposed to the fundamentally decent folk-hero Cynthia Lennon. now, having experienced ten years' of life, I have a 60/20 split of sympathy for the long-suffering grounded-in-reality Cyn over the pie-in-the-sky Ono/Lennon team that shot off to stratospheric zones of unreality. particularly in each of the principal's take on LSD-- Ono takes it, and says 'let's remake the world into a game'; Lennon takes it, and says 'this strange visions, how I communicate them one day in song?"; Cyn takes it, 'i lose control of my senses, and feel really distant. uncomfortable and unpleasant.' Time has vindicated Cyn's stance.

analysis III; Sean Lennon takes the Abe-Ono feud that underlay the 1984 killing.

other alternative reads/major point: Cyn is fundamentally decent; Ono is calculating, cold, ruthless. this is 60% accurate??